Mission 2500 Supreme Pumps

Mission 2500 supreme  Centrifugal pumps

2500 Supreme Features

1. Thick,strong concentric casing with replaceable casing wear pad provides extended life over conentional volute designs.The concentric design minimizes turbulence and abrasive wear.The wear pad allows the casing to be repaired at a lower cost than replaceing the entire casing.

2. Wide semi open impeller creates lower axial thrust reduces the concentration of solids behind the impeller extending the life of the mechanical seal or packing and stuffing box.

3. Casing gasket recessed for protection.

4. Replaceable stuffing-box cover with dual stuffing box bolts.

5. Optional stuffing-boxes available for single and doublel mechanical seal applications and can be configured for flush lines.

6. Long-life no-adjustment mechanical seal available for near zero leakage.

7. Replaceable shaft sleeve prevents shaft wear.

8. Single row roller bearings for increased bearing life.

9. Oil lubrication for bearings available upon request and recommended for pump speeds in excess of 2400 RPM.

10. Duples angular contact bearings eliminate shaft end play and increased bearing and seal life.

11. Labyrinth seals for maximum bearing protection are standard. Lip seals are recommended for oil-lubricated pumps.

12. Optional flanged bearing houusing available for hydraulic drive.

13. External adjustment of impeller clearance extends pump performance life.

14. Large heavy-duty shaft reduces deflection for longer life of packing and mechanical seals.

15. Solid base offering rigidity and strength.

16. Casing jack bolts simplify casing removal.

17. Replaceable casing wear pad.

18. Easy accessible front access drain.

19. Back vanes reduce collection of solids at stuffing box and reduce box pressure.

20. Smooth impeller eye for minimum turbulence and higher efficiency.

21. Full pipe diameter entrance for minimum turbulence and maximum efficiency.

Download: Mission Pumps Catalog (pdf files)

mission 2500 supreme pump parts

Mission 2500 supreme pump spare parts list :

1* 1 See below   Casing
1A 1 10399-46-1   Gasket,casing
1B 12 3932-61   Nut,casing
1C 12 H2507-3   Stud,casing
1E 1 8505-2H   Plug,Casing Drain
2* 1 See below   Impeller
2A 1 H19110-72   Seal,impeller
3*# 1 H22223-01-30   Stuffing box,mech.seal
3*& 1 H20614-01-30   Stuffing box,packed
3A 2 H3861-117   Bolt,stuffing box
3B& 1 19368-1H   Grease fitting
4 2 H20622AH   Gland assy,packing
5A# 1 H22451-1A   Mechanical Seal
5B 1 8264-24-0B   Packing, Shaft
6 2 20629   Bolt assy,gland
7 1 H20612-02-33   Shaft
7A# 1 H20613-21A   Sleeve,Shaft
7A& 1 H20613-21G-7A   Sleeve,Shaft(Ceramic)
7B 1 H4372-5-21   Key,Shaft
7C 1 23444-01-72   Seal,Shaft Sleeve
8 1 22210-1A   Deflector,Assembly
9 1 H17444   Frame,Grease Lubricated
9C 1     Plug,Frame Drain
9D 1 H8267-1   Breather
9G 2 H2538-1   Bolt,Casing Jack
10A 1 H17950   Cover,Inboard Bearing
10B 1 H20625   Gasket, Inboard Bearing Cover
10C 1 H2564-4   Labyrinth Seal,IB Brg Cvr
10D 2 H3861-1   Bolt,I.B.Brg.Cover
10E 1     Grease Fitting
11 1 N/A   Bearing,Inboard
12 1 H20624-01-01   Houding,O.B.Bearing
12A 1 H7496-253   Seal,O.B.Brg Housing
12B 4 H3861-138   Bolts,O.B.Brg.Housing
12C 2 H3932-62   Nut,O.B.Brg.Housing
13 1 20617A   Cover,O.B.Bearing
13A 1     Grease Zerk,O.B.Brg.Cvr.
13B 1 H7496-26   O-ring,O.B.Bearing Cover
13C 1 H2564-3   Labyrinth Seal,O.B. Brg Cvr.
13D 2 H3861-139   Bolt,O.B.Brg.Cover
14 2 H20616-1S Bearing,O.B.(2 Required)
14A 1 H6124-4   Lockwasher,O.B.Bearing
14B 1 H6123-4   Locknut,O.B.Bearing

1* 1 H19203-01-30A   Casing,3x2x13
1* 1 H19205-01-30A   Casing,4x3x13,w/ wear pad
1* 1 H19222-01-30A   Casing,5x4x14 w/ wear pad
1* 1 H19122-01-30A   Casing,6x5x11 w/ wear pad
1* 1 H19123-01-30A   Casing, 6x5x14 w/ wear pad
1* 1 H19763-01-30A   Casing, 8x6x11 w/ wear pad
1* 1 H19117-01-30A   Casing,8x6x14 w/ wear pad
1* 1 H20937-01-30A   Casing,10x8x14 w/ wear pad

2* 1 H19204-XX-30   Impeller,3x2x13 Open
2* 1 H19206-XX-30   Impeller,4x3x13 Open
2* 1 H2523-XX-30   Impeller,5x4x14 Semi Open
2* 1 H2523-XX-30   Impeller,6x5x11 Semi Open
2* 1 H2523-XX-30   Impeller, 6x5x14 Semi Open
2* 1 H2524-XX-30   Impeller, 8x6x11 Semi Open
2* 1 H2524-XX-30   Impeller,8x6x14 Semi Open
2* 1 H2526-XX-30   Impeller,10x8x14 Semi Open

Casing wear Pad
1E 1 H2501-01-30A   Wear Pad,4x3x13 Casing
1E 1 H2502-01-30A   Wear Pad,5x4x14 Casing
1E 1 H2503-01-30A   Wear Pad,6x5x11 Casing
1E 1 H2504-01-30A   Wear Pad, 6x5x14 Casing
1E 1 H2505-01-30A   Wear Pad, 8x6x11 Casing
1E 1 H2506-01-30A   Wear Pad,8x6x14 Casing
1E 1 H2507-01-30A   Wear Pad,10x8x14 Casing